McLean County Asphalt & Landscape Materials
Asphalt Paving

At McLean County Asphalt, we offer complete job design starting from the layout to the actual construction, excavation, aggregate base preparation, and finally the installation of asphalt paving.

McLean County Asphalt handles both commercial and residential installation and maintenance of asphalt, and all our work is done according to strict specifications.

Free Estimates on Asphalt Paving, Sealing and Blacktop Repair (residential & commercial)

Asphalt Pouring

We are fully equipped to do any saw cut removal and replacement, oil and paving fabric, and any additional maintenance work of asphalt pavement including seal coating, hot crack filler, and parking lot striping.

By owning our asphalt plant we can ensure the proper mix for your job and maintain quality from start to finish. Our asphalt plant is fully state approved in Illinois.

We also provide road oiling for dust control and oil and chip surfacing.

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1100 W. Market St., Bloomington, IL, 61701, United States
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